Alarm Grid Review

Ideal For

  • Customers seeking month to month contracts with no hidden fees
  • For those that want a plethora of equipment choices


  • No Contract
  • No Cancellation Fees
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Financing Options Available


  • Upfront costs for equipment
  • No profession installation option, strictly a do-it-yourself setup

Bottom Line

Alarm Grid also offers a variety of monitoring packages for any budget, including a self-monitoring plan that allows customers to have remote access to security features without being monitored by its Central Station.

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Alarm Grid home security

Why Go With Alarm Grid

Alarm Grid is known for being one of the most affordable home security solutions available on the market without lacking any features. This company is fully equipped with countless functionalities including burglar detection, environmental protection, remote control, interactive control, home automation and video surveillance. Systems are available with an incredible range of connectivity options – Wireless, Wired, Internet, Cellular and Dual Path. Their hardware is also equipped with Z-Wave technology which allows it to be controlled, monitored and managed remotely from anywhere in the world.


The pricing model of Alarm Grid is where it really stands head and shoulders above its competitors. No matter which monthly plan you choose, there are never any contracts or activation fees. Your hard earned money goes towards the purchasing of the hardware package and the monitoring fees. Monthly monitoring is structured across three tiered plans – Self-Monitoring, Basic Monitoring and Monitoring Plus.

These plans are $10, $15 and $20 respectively – with even the most expensive costs many times less than the cheapest of premium competitors’ plans. All hardware comes with self-installation instructions for the do-it-yourself consumer, though installation can be purchased from third parties at an extra cost.

Alarm Grid pricing

More Reasons to Choose Alarm Grid

E-mail & Phone Alerts: Receive customizable text and email alerts to any number of recipients on all alarm events - alarms, arming / disarming, troubles, power loss, and more.

UL Listed Central Station: A live operator calls you to verify alarms. In the event of a real alarm, Alarm Grid will dispatch the proper authorities. Monitoring unlimited zones for burglary, fire, or any other type of emergency and record all system arming/disarming.

Phone or Internet: Your security system uses a phone connection or internet alarm communicator to report alarms to our central station. Daily supervision of internet communicators included and daily test timers on phone systems allowed.

Cellular Monitoring: The most secure and reliable communication path. Alarm Grid activates your system’s cellular communicator and pays for the cellular data charges. Can be combined with phone and/or internet for redundancy.

Arm / Disarm via Phone & Web: View live status of system and zones, and control your security system from anywhere using mobile app or computer.

Remote Z-Wave Control: With a Z-Wave enabled system, control lights, locks and thermostats when you’re not home for lifestyle convenience and energy savings.

Video Surveillance: View your property live through approved IP cameras and receive actual video clips when motion is detected. Video is stored online and can be downloaded as needed.

What’s Unique About Alarm Grid

Alarm Grid, in partnership with Criticom Monitoring Services, provides one of the most reliable and secure central station monitoring in the industry by offering the redundancy of 3 networked and load balanced monitoring facilities (NJ, FL and CA).

Alarm Grid will monitor unlimited zones so you can be sure your family and property are safe and protected at all times while making you eligible for a homeowner’s insurance discount which can sometimes even cover the cost of your monitoring service. All plans connect your system to a live operator 24/7 who can call the proper authorities for dispatching in case of a confirmed break-in, fire, or any other type of emergency.

Security Services

The security services from Alarm Grid are, like most systems, built around a control panel. The company offers more than 15 choices of central base units, all manufactured by the industry leading Honeywell. Managed by this unit is a swathe of hardware installed around the home, ranging from motion sensors and alarm sirens to panic buttons and environmental sensors. Aside from the expected anti-burglary equipment, the company also supplies fire, smoke, heat, temperature and flood sensors – keeping customers safe from every threat possible.

Monitoring Services

The monitoring services offered by Alarm Grid really stand out as impressive, with no contracts or activation fees for any of the three tiers. Monitoring is facilitated by a UL Listed central monitoring station, staffed by security professionals 24/7 who are trained to recognize, analyze and react to threats in record breaking response times. The ‘Self-Monitoring’ plan is an entirely self-service monitoring model, which utilizes interactive services, remote control and email/text alerts instead of the company’s staff.

Mobile Readiness

As Alarm Grid offers an incredible range of hardware to its customers, there is a wide range of units that come completely mobile ready out of the box. Aside from the capabilities of individual units, the company itself offers a unique self-monitoring service which utilizes smart phones, tablets and internet connections to cut costs.

Total Connect and Telguard allow users to interact and control their home security systems via a mobile device, whilst e-mail and text alerts keep customers abreast of what’s going on in and around their home. The majority of Alarm Grid hardware is wireless or cellular, bypassing the danger of having phone lines cut by resourceful burglars.

Alarm Grid security services

Help & Support

Any company with self-installation hardware relies on a capable customer support model – and Alarm Grid is no different. Support is available through an extensive FAQ section, Blog, Videos page and the integral Product Manuals. Direct contact can be made with the company through a toll free telephone support line, but we would like to see the budget supplier offer online chat and e-mail assistance.

Review In Short

The company is built around offering a no-contract, no-hidden fees, and do-it-yourself approach to home security. This company offers great rates on security monitoring if you are willing to purchase or finance your security equipment. Alarm Grid provides a service full with features, open advice and honest security.

About Alarm Grid

Alarm Grid was founded in July of 2012 striving to be a different kind of alarm company. Because security system manufacturers design their products for security professionals to install, the installation and programming guides are not easy to understand for the average consumer. Therefore, consumers are forced to choose an alarm company to help you protect your property. Unfortunately, most alarm companies operate by locking you into a long-term alarm monitoring contract.

Alarm Grid brings the most advanced alarm technology available at affordable prices without the expensive service calls. With expert knowledge and support, consumers can install their own security system and choose the features and devices they want, the company does not force customers to sign a contract, they invite consumers to sign up for their no contract alarm monitoring services. They believe that if a company provides a great service at the right price, a customer will never need to shop around.


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