Xfinity Review

Ideal For

  • Customers seeking top-of-the-line technology and multiple equipment options
  • For those that want their home services all on one bill


  • TV, security and internet on one bill
  • Top-of-the-line technology
  • Compatible with your current security equipment
  • Certified technicians


  • Minimum two-year contract
  • Poorly reviewed customer support

Bottom Line

Xfinity Home offers a robust security offering and customers can customize the features to suit any type of home. In addition to its suite of security services, the company offers many ways of controlling your house’s utilities, which make for a more welcoming home.

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Why Go With Xfinity Home

Xfinity Security is a high-end home security system. If you are interested in a more expensive, premium system and you use the rest of Comcast's services they could be a great integrated choice for you. Their systems can be integrated with your lights, temperature and smartphone or tablet truly providing customers with an all-in-one solution.


You can bundle Xfinity’s Home security plan with any of Comcast's other services, such as a cable or internet subscription. Most alarm monitoring companies offer three or more monitoring plans, so Xfinity Home doesn't give you as many starting options.

As with other home security companies, you can customize each plan's equipment offerings with devices such as security cameras, but this will obviously add to your cost. Xfinity Home also offers takeover monitoring that works with most existing security systems, so you can use its service with equipment you already own.

XFinity Home - Secure$19.99 for the first 12 months$50


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More Reasons to Choose Xfinity Home

Xfinity Home offers a robust home security offering with such features and functionality as:

  • 24/7 Professional Monitoring
  • Easy Home Automation
  • Remotely Arm your System
  • Cellular and Battery Backup
  • Fire and Carbon Monoxide Detectors
  • One bill for TV, internet, and home safety
  • Can support almost all locations in the US.
  • Good initial prices, can save over $200 in the first year.
  • Proprietary equipment with touch-screen panel.
  • Certified technicians

​What’s Unique About Xfinity Home

Customers can add a burglar alarm to the Xfinity Home security package, which would deter the would-be assailants in their tracks. In addition, video tutorials are available for you to follow online which explains the system’s workings. They talk you through how to manage your account to how to control your home’s thermostat and much more. The smoke detector you can buy through the company does a self-test every day to ensure that it’s working, and you can easily add a carbon monoxide detector to the package.

Customers can add 24/7 Video Recording to their service to record, rewind and review up to 10 days of video footage that can be accessed from anywhere. Easily identify activity with motion triggered events and download clips to save and share with others.

Xfinity Home can use your existing equipment and upgrade your old system with the latest security and automation technology. The service seamlessly integrates your smart home devices into one personalized platform and app that is easy to use.

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Security Services

Xfinity Home will start you off with over $900 worth of equipment. Yet there are a bundle of extras you can add to your home like additional motion detectors. The water detector will let you know if there’s a burst pipe in an at risk room, and there’s even a gadget which recognizes when glass has been broken at the property. You can install all of this equipment yourself. Or if you get Xfinity Home to install it, they’ll advise you on what other features your security situation needs.

Monitoring Services

Xfinity Home will provide round the clock monitoring of your house by a specialist team. It won’t matter if there’s an intruder at three o’clock in the morning on Christmas Day, as Xfinity will detect it, and if needed, call the relevant authorities. What’s more with remote access, you can monitor your home even while on holiday, and even turn the lights on to give the impression that someone is in. The service comes with email and text alerts too. So you’ll know who goes in and out of your house on a minute by minute basis.

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Mobile Readiness

To help all of these gadgets talk to one another, you can even add a Wi-Fi repeater, which boosts the network. That way, there won’t be a security risk because of a weak signal in a large house, and you can control your entire security setup from the palm of your hand with the Xfinity Home mobile app. You can use it on your tablet too, and this mobile readiness means that you could switch off the heating when you realize you’ll be late getting back to the house etc.

Help & Support

While there is no online chat feature, Comcast does have a toll free number you can use, which you may prefer, and an extensive FAQ section. Aside from that there are tutorials for most features on YouTube. All customer service representatives were polite and tried as best as possible to answer my queries.

Review In Short

Xfinity Home does offer reasonable monitoring fees and contract terms. If you're already a Comcast internet or cable customer, you will likely be interested in adding this service to your contract. The convenience of integrating the software with your lights, temperature and smartphone or tablet will be appealing to those looking for an all-in-one solution.

The company does have a reputation of providing poorly received customer support that will surely cause some consumers to look elsewhere for their home security needs.

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About Xfinity Home

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