MONI Smart Security Review

The Bottom Line

MONI Smart Security has over two decades of experience in the home security industry. MONI Smart Security is a high-quality home security system that offers flexible equipment options for customers of any budget. MONI offers customers free installation with a minimum contract commitment of 3-years.


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Ideal For

  •  Customers seeking a top-of-the-line home security alternative with low upfront costs and equipment options that can meet any budget.

  •  Those that are willing to commit to long-term contracts.



  •  Multiple Equipment Packages. Customers can find an option that best meets their home security needs and budget.

  •  Low Upfront Costs. MONI offers free equipment and installation.

  •  Flexible Moving Options. MONI offers free moving services to customers who have had a security system for at least a year and are up to date on their monthly payments.



  •  Long-term Contracts. Customers are required to enter into 3 to 5-year contracts.

  •  Higher Monthly Rates. Although MONI offers free equipment and installations, the company’s monthly monitoring rates are higher compared to other top-rated security system providers.


Why Go With MONI Smart Security?

Customers can create a home security system that best suits their specific needs. MONI offers a wide range of technological advantages: Boost your security with video surveillance, manage and monitor access with smart door locks. Help reduce your energy bill with smart thermostats or lighting.

Moni home automation


What They Offer

MONI offers different packages to fit any customer’s budget. Their Comprehensive Plan for example puts home automation directly in the hands of the customer. Smartphones can be used to control: Live or recorded video, indoor/outdoor cameras, smart door locks, programmable thermostats, remote-access lights and garage door control.



Comprehensive $49.99


Core              Connected      Comprehensive
4G LTE wireless security systemCore packageCore package
Award-winning 24/7 monitoringSmartphone controlSmartphone control
Faster alarm response with ASAPerArm and disarm system with mobile app     Live/recorded video via smartphone
  Smartphone/voice management of:
Locks, Lights, Thermostat, Garage Door


More Reasons to Choose MONI

MONI offers a robust home security offering with such incentives, features and functionality as:

  • J.D. power award. Ranked “Highest in Customer Satisfaction with Home Security Systems”.

  • ASAPer response. Patented technology that provides extremely fast alarm response ever.

  • Smash & grab protection. Even if a burglar destroys your security panel, the Alarm Response Center gets a signal.

  • Insurance savings. Customers should ask their provider about saving up to 20% on your monthly premium.

  • Free moves. When you move, keep your protection with a brand-new MONI system.

  • Equipment protection. MONI will continue to support your equipment, even after the warranty expires.

  • Internet items. MONI systems work with Amazon Echo® & Dot®, plus Apple TV® & Apple Watch®.


What’s Unique About MONI?

ASAPer is MONI’s patented solution that provides an extremely fast alarm response. When an alarm takes place, customers will be able to communicate in real-time with MONI’s alarm center or your contacts through your phone, tablet or computer.

  •  Customers can resolve alarms faster than ever with ASAPer, an interactive messaging hub for home and corporate security systems.

  •  Rapidly communicate to resolve alarms. When an alarm occurs, ASAPer provides a chat room for call list members to resolve the issue.

  •  Reach and Respond on any device. Alarm customers can receive alarm alerts and participate in the chatroom from any phone or computer.

  •  Easy alarm resolution. Take action right from the browser, get emergency assistance or declare a false alarm.

  •  Instant alarm reporting. When an alarm occurs, ASAPer's patented alert technology ensures that everyone on the call list is rapidly notified.

  •  Seamless setup for MONI system owners. No downloads or new hardware, MONI technology integrates with any existing system.

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Help & Support

With a focus on customer satisfaction, MONI created a Customer Bill of Rights to ensure their customers are treated fairly always:

  • Customers have the right to value every second. Whether it’s having an alarm incident handled as quickly as possible, or knowing that you won’t spend hours on hold with customer service, speed matters.

  • Customers have the right to local service. Whether it’s a question about your bill or installation of a new feature, it helps to have people who can help in your location. MONI’s customer support team is based in the U.S., available 24x7 to take calls. Service appointments are handled by their local dealer network of more than 600 small businesses across North America.

  • Customers have the right to move. Freely. Across the country or across the street. After one year with MONI, customers can shift their current service to a new home address.

  • Customers have the right to change their minds. Simply call MONI at 800.447.9239 and they will send you the easy DocuSign cancellation procedures, which includes an explanation of our 30-day cancellation process and what to expect on your final bill. Early termination charges may apply.

  • Customers have the right to be heard. MONI security advisors and service technicians thrive on feedback. Tell MONI what they can do to make things right by simply emailing them at or sending a message at

  • Customers have the right to understand contracts. Home security services shouldn’t be a mystery. Contracts should be easy to understand. That’s why MONI made sure that all of their policies are easily referenceable.


MONI Smart Security Review In Short

With over two decades of experience in the home security industry, MONI Smart Security offers customers a high-quality home security system with flexible equipment options to meet any type of budget. MONI requires a minimum contract term of 3-years, but prides itself are offering customers transparent contract terms with the ability to cancel at any time.


About MONI Smart Security

MONI, the new Monitronics International, was founded in 1994 and is the second largest security alarm monitoring company in the United States. Headquartered in the Dallas metro area, the company provides monitored home and business security system services to more than one million residential and commercial customers throughout North America.


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